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Welcome to 3DCrafts.net !!

Share your 3D models to the world !

Not only through the web and mobile, but also through the offilne QR code !

Show off your excellency ! Everyone can upload 3D Models.

You artists, designers, architects, engineers, brands, museums, schools and more.

Share your excellent 3D Models with this excellent 3D Model Presenter.No additional plug-in is required : no activeX, no Flash Player even Java applets. Just web browsers in desktop and even more in mobile browsers .

Post your messages directly on your 3D model.

Without any deformation, you can on-scribe your messages right on it.

Furthermore, those spatial memos easily see-sawed away while you rotating your 3D model.

As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.

Look your 3D Model just in your handset !

See your 3D Model with Augmented Reality technology.

Just aim at QR code laid below the 3D Model, then you can see the awesome live 3D model....