3D Online Museum




Welcome to the "3D Online K-Museum" !


"3D Online K-Museum"is  a true 3D Gallery Museum that enables personal viewing in Web and Mobile environment without installation of any additional program, experiencing through virtual reality, enjoying through augmented reality, sharing through mobile units and even provide files that can directly be printed in 3D through the exclusive 3D on-line museum that was realized with 3D core technology by utilizing 3D culture data.  


  Now, you can personally view the exhibitions and relics of museums in Korea, which is difficult to visit frequently, in 3D through on-line and mobile units and use the detailed information of the corresponding relic when needed without having to personally visit them.  


    - Where you are is the realistic Museum!

        . You can personally experience without having to personally visit the museums through 3D on-line exhibitions and 3D museum

        . You can experience the precious relics exhibited in museums via web and mobile environment through Virtual Reality (VR) without having to install anything


    - Experiential viewing and even production of the actual item through DIY 3D printing with innovatively enhanced sense of immersion!

        . You can view the detailed information on relic with the explanation attached on top of the corresponding relic and produce the relic with 3D printer is also possible since the 3D model data can be downloaded


     - Share and proliferate your realistic 3D experience with everyone!

        . It is possible to proliferate and promote the interesting and intriguing 3D relic model data through social network services (SNS) such as Kakao Talk and messenger

        . Innovative methods to expanding the experience in viewing museums and exhibition halls, which is made possible through the expansion and proliferation via the recent culture of social participation


   We invite you to check the information regarding precious 3D relics of 23 museums in Korea, which is prepared jointly with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Culture Information Service Agency

   K-Cluture is the best way to spread the power of Korea to the whole world.

    Now, experience museums in a truly 3-dimensional world, the world of augmented reality and the world of virtual reality ~